Venturer Scout
VicJam Program

Venturers have not been participants at Jamborees since 1968 – although many do valuable work in entertainment, catering, marketing, works and services and more. 

So VicJam will make history!

You will have the best of a Jamboree – arena entertainment, shopping centre, newspaper and radio – plus a Venturer-only program of great expeditions and other activities, with the usual freedoms that come with being a responsible Venturer!

We’re expecting 500 or more Venturers. This is going to be a big summer!

You have three options:

  • A: Attend as a full-time participant – including a 5-day expedition ($1425 plus optional merch pack)

  • B: Attend as an Activity or Service Venturer (at the Service Leader discounted rate  - $785 plus optional merch pack)

  • C: Attend as an Activity or Service Venturer – plus a 5-day expedition ($1425 plus optional merch pack)

After completing the initial application you will get an email to confirm your role at VicJam, and, for those in categories A and C, your expedition preferences (1-3).

You may have fond memories of attending a Jamboree as a Scout.
VicJam Your Jamboree as a Venturer – will be all this and more.

Abseil Away!

Basic through to serious abseiling

Available only for Option C

Best of the Bay

Relaxed fun including water park, high ropes, snorkelling with dolphins and seals and much more

Mornington Magical Mystery Tour One

Land, Sea, Air – day walks, sailing and windsurfing, some “air” stuff, too

Mornington Magical Mystery Tour Two

Aquatic Adventures – learn to surf, sailing and windsurfing

Mornington Magical Mystery Tour Three

Peninsula Playtime – really laid back relaxation … beach, movies, chocolate

Top Gear Venturer

Learn to drive, learn car maintenance, then drive some more

Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 10.18.03
SCUBA School

(no experience, to PADI Certificate level)

*Premium activity - $600 on top of above pricing

Flight School

(theory through to getting in the air)

*Premium activity - $600 on top of above pricing