VicJam Herb Garden

Are you the passionate herb expert we’re looking for?

We want to make food an exciting learning opportunity for Scouts at VicJam.

We’re looking for a gardening enthusiast who’s passionate about teaching young people the joys of gardening, or perhaps a Venturer or Rover Unit looking for a service project.

Step 1. Build a series of IBC wicking beds

There are tutorials online and you might have friends who can help with the tools and skills needed to cut the IBC containers in half and add the required plumbing. Then it’s a case of getting the scoria, weed matting and soil.

Step 2. Sow the seeds

We reckon basil, coriander, parsley, oregano, chives and chilli will be great additions to our menu, but you might have some other ideas too. Timing will be critical to ensure that they’re ready to harvest at VicJam.

Step 3. Nurture and care for them

While the seeds are germinating and maturing, we need make sure local bugs don’t feast on them before our Scouts do. Carefully monitoring the water levels and perhaps setting up a greenhouse type arrangement will ensure success.

Step 4. Transport to VicJam

Around December 26 we’ll need to organise for a truck and forklift to come and collect the pallets and transport them to Elmore.

Step 5: Help the Scouts harvest

We’d love you to come to VicJam and help Scouts harvest the herbs they need for their cooking, and talk with them a bit about how the wicking beds were constructed and seedlings raised

To register your interest, or for any further info, please contact Jess at jess.rutherford@vicjam.com.au

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