An update on VicJam

Welcome to Term 4 … the forecast is increasingly sunny

The roadmap for Victoria sees life returning to near-normal in coming months. With hospitality and entertainment re-opening, major events like the Boxing Day Test and VicJam are looking good!

In fact, the Public Events sector is due to start opening up from November 5

(Victoria’s target date for 80 per cent to be fully vaccinated).

Scouts Victoria is uniquely experienced in running large-scale, COVIDSafe events.

The Kangaree in March last year was enjoyed by more than 2000 Joey Scouts and supporters. One week later, Victoria began closing down. The Cuboree in April this year (postponed from last October) was a huge success for 4500 Cub Scouts and their supporters. Both events were safe, happy and incident-free.

Scouts Victoria is part of a group of event organisers working with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) Public Events team and the Department of Health to contribute to the revised COVID-19 Public Events Framework which we hope will be available in time for us to provide a further update to Jamboree Leaders at their Orientation Day on October 24.

We are being realistic when we say that we are confident we will run a successful Jamboree for 4500 Scouts and others from December 29 to January 8 at Elmore.

This is the holiday we all need as we emerge from the restrictions of 2020-21.

Not just a great launch for a new year of Scouting – but life in general.

A word about vaccinations

Scouts Australia’s Vaccination Policy strongly encourages vaccination. While it does not exclude the unvaccinated, it is important all are aware of the risks. Scouts Victoria promotes proactive advocacy.

Already, we know that many Scouts aged 12 up, as well as Venturers, Rovers and Leaders have been quick to be vaccinated.

However, if Public Health directions exclude unvaccinated members from

contact with others, we must comply with Public Health directions.

If a Victorian Government vaccine mandate affects Scouting and VicJam, any Public Health directions on how unvaccinated members participate in Scouting could be in place for weeks or months after Victoria achieves 80% vaccination.

These would be in line with restrictions on similar activities, such as community groups, community sport and recreation, the entertainment industry, accommodation, hospitality, major events, etc.

You can read more about Scouting and Vaccinations here.

What happens next

In the countdown to the opening ceremony of VicJam – just 84 days away – our large team of volunteers is flat out finalising every last detail. We simply want this to be the best event we’ve yet run for Scouts.

The bulk of our resources is going into the program – the on-site activities and nightly entertainment, and the off-site adventures and overnight expeditions.

Our Jamboree Scout Leaders are working to remotely connect the various members of each Jamboree Unit, and hoping that they will be able to run pre-Jamboree orientation camps.

Your Jamboree shirts, hats and duffle bags are in transit for delivery in November. Other souvenirs and merchandise will also go on sale in November.

We appreciate the support and confidence of thousands of Scout parents. It has been another tough year, with many distractions.

Most VicJam Scouts and Leaders have either fully paid their VicJam fees or are up to date with their payment schedule. But not all are up to date or fully paid.

We will shortly be issuing payment reminders and invoices. If you have any questions or concerns about these, contact us at enquiries@vicjam.com.au. Otherwise, please get up to date with payments at your earliest convenience!


I am so looking forward to moving into Elmore to be ready when the Scouts arrive on December 29. It will be a major re-set, the beginning of a new chapter in life. This could be the best New Year ever!

For our younger members, VicJam will be life-changing. Less than two weeks away from home, but they seem to come home two years older. A crash course in responsible independence and caring for others. Scouting at its best, and an investment in their future.

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

Yours in Scouting,

Jon Willis OAM

Chief Director