Event Fees 


"Early Bird"





Event Fee






These fees are fully inclusive of the following:

- Eleven days "Taking it to the Next Level" meeting new friends and participating in activities, both on-site and off-site.

- All meals and accommodation for the duration of VicJam.

- Transport to and from the VicJam site.

- Transport of camping equipment to and from the VicJam site.

- VicJam merchandise including a Shirt, Hat, Scarf, Badge, Day Pack and Roller Bag.

The Scout Early Bird fee is available on applications accepted by your Group Leader before 28th May 2021.

*The $785.00 Rover and Adult fee includes a shirt and badge. An optional merchandise pack, including roller bag and day pack is available for an additional $95.00

Rover/Leader with Optional Merch


This selection must be made on application.