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Catering Key Documents

VicJam Detailed Menu
Browse all the dishes that will be available at VicJam, the ingredients within and the modified diet replacements items too.
VicJam Ingredients List
Look up the detailed ingredients of all items that will be available at VicJam, and their suitability for each modified diet.
Pre-Made Sandwich Matrix
Pre-made sandwiches will be available from the Lunch Mart which is on the way to the bus terminal, for all scouts, venturers and leaders who are travelling offsite. Browse the list and select your choice beforehand to help make it a speedy process. If none of these suit your modified diet, please make your own in your Unit Kitchen or Leader dining sandwich station.
Dineamic Matrix
Dineamic premade meals will be available for certain complex modified diet situations and/or for the rare occasion a travelling meal is required.